The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell (general)

Happy Easter or Passover or The Regular Weekend or whatever else you prefer to call today—we're all inclusive at the FNGTAC. This week, Kamau and Vernon mainly discuss the now-official pairing of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, (great couple or THE GREATEST couple? You decide) before moving onto yet another absurd decision from the U.S. Supreme court. Did you know that law enforcement is now entitled to perform a strip-search on any individual arrested or detained for any reason, no matter how minor the charge? No probable cause? No problem! "I felt like it" is apparently probable cause now...

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Warning: you'll probably need to keep an eye on the volume knob for this one becuase it was recorded in a different way than usual, but it's worth it. No spoilers: this is better if you go in cold.




*Before he gets too famous to answer your tweets, which should be any day now.

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It should come as no surpirse that we open this week's episode by discussing the tragic events surrounding the truly senseless killing of 17-year-old Floridian Trayvon Martin. I'm sure you're already familiar with the basics of the case, so I'll leave the elaboration to Vernon and Kamau (who elaborate quite well).

Moving on, our glorious leaders go on to discuss the public's recent fascination with Joseph Kony and how it ties into the controversy surround Mike Daisy's "report" on working conditions at Apple factories on "The American Life." The throughline is much stronger than you'd suspect...

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How is the iPad 3 The New iPad a metaphor for Catholocism? Listen on, my friend.

There's no Oscar talk in this episode, but that's not because Oscar talk wasn't recorded. We're gonna call this one 33 "ish" because the real 33 is still on the way. Or is it 32.5? 34? Whatever...

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This week, the guys start out by telling you a little about where they've been for the last six weeks (everyone's been busy—even the non-famous Alex) before moving on to discuss Don Cornelius, Whitney Houston, and of course, the most important person in the world (apparently) Jeremy Lin. There's probably no point in describing the epsiode in any more detail since you're probably now in a state of Lin-induced insanity* and not reading this anyway.

*I'm not going to use the "word" you're thinking of here.

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Happy Chinese New Year! Fresh off the State of the Union address, Vernon and Kamau naturally head into a discussion about the current political clmate heading into what will surely be a long election season. Love, stabbings, secret tea, rough sex—it's all here.

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This week we're keeping it high and tight—dream collabs, medical conditions, time machines, CGI, inerracial love, Sarah Palin and a dude Kamau kinda wants to sleep with. Pow!



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Our first official FNGTAC of 2012 was actually recorded at the VERY end of 2011, so since we're trapped in a podcast time-vortex anyway, we're taking a little time to look back at our favorite films of the year. Vernon and Kamau go from big budget CGI-fests to small indy pics you might have missed (without spoilers, so don't worry if they get to something you haven't seen yet) so there's sure to be something for everyone—even Alex.

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In part 2, Vernon & Kamau continue their conversation about the recent Rolling Stone "Top 100 Guitarists" list that Vernon participated in as part of the Voting Council Of Cool Rock Stars. Suffice to say that there's more than a little room for debate and the guys aren't shy about doing so.

Thanks for being with us as we've grown in 2011 and look towards continuing to get better (and more regular) in 2012. We won't put any big promises in writing just yet, but there are plans in place to streamline the process a little and help us get to you more regularly. If there's anything you'd like to see, drop us a line over at or:

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In a world...

where something something something...

W. Kamau Bell...

and Vernon Reid...

are BACK!

And things will never. Be. The same.

Okay, that part's not really true but it sounds so much more dramatic that way, doesn't it? The FNGTAC you already know and love is back into the swing of things just in time for the new year, and we're back with another super-sized entry to give the guys some time to catch up. All the requisite contact info will be in Part II (coming soon to an iPod near you) but in the meantime, we're all on Twitter and stuff. You know how it works.

See you on the other side!

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