The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell
Episode 23 - Happy Vern Day Chick Corea vs. Anonymous

In the episode, we celebrate Vernon's birthday the Field Negro way—turning on the mics and talking about whatever comes to mind. After wandering off from a conversation about 'Mad Men' ripoffs, Vern takes us through a primer on modern Jazz Fusion and tell war stories about his recent battle with several raccoons. Yes, raccoons.

There's plenty of music to be found in this episode, but Vernon touches on so many different artists that it would be hard to fit it all in. Make sure to drop by soon after this episode goes up to get more info on the songs featured in this episode and the other songs and artists that are discussed.

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Could recent events in the U.K. happen in America as well? Was Steve Harvey right to call Tavis Smiley and Cornell West "Uncle Toms?" What do the lastest developments in U.S. financial markets really mean for everyday people? Why ya'll hatin' on Black Spider-Man? This week, Vernon and Kamau tackle all these issues and more in the way that only they can.

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The big news keeps rolling in faster than we can talk about it all, so we're back again this week with a super-sized episode. Vernon and Kamau start out discussing the recent tragic events in Norway and the loss of two of our favorite artists, but luckily there have been some positive developments as well, including Vernon recently showing up on WWE Monday Night Raw and of course, the final "Harry Potter" film.

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This week, the Field Negros discuss their favorite topics—comic book movies and disgraced public figures. Lucky for them, there have been plenty of both lately and the train looks like it's gonna keep on rolling.

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