The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell

We’re already back with another episode ---- though it is Vernon free. This time for an interview with Friend of the Show Baron Vaughn. In addition to being an incredibly funny comedian, Baron also appears weekly on USA’s Fairly Legal (which was recently renewed for its second season). He and Kamau discuss his career and comedy and theatre and sociology and hats and all the fascinating, hilarious things that comics discuss when you put them in the same room.

On a related note, you’ll soon be able to hear a lot more of Baron discussing hilarious things with fellow comics Moshe Kasher and Ali Wong. Producer Alex recently recorded them for the first hour of what will be their own podcast, featuring the trio talking about life and love interspersed with a lot of improvisational music breaks. We’ll be sure to update you soon with the details on that, of course.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, make sure you stop by UCB to see him record material for his upcoming album this Thursday, May 26th. You can make reservations at their website for a mere $5, which is far less than you should be paying to see Baron and Kumail Nanjiani anyway. How could you say no?

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