The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell

In part 2, Vernon & Kamau continue their conversation about the recent Rolling Stone "Top 100 Guitarists" list that Vernon participated in as part of the Voting Council Of Cool Rock Stars. Suffice to say that there's more than a little room for debate and the guys aren't shy about doing so.

Thanks for being with us as we've grown in 2011 and look towards continuing to get better (and more regular) in 2012. We won't put any big promises in writing just yet, but there are plans in place to streamline the process a little and help us get to you more regularly. If there's anything you'd like to see, drop us a line over at or:

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In a world...

where something something something...

W. Kamau Bell...

and Vernon Reid...

are BACK!

And things will never. Be. The same.

Okay, that part's not really true but it sounds so much more dramatic that way, doesn't it? The FNGTAC you already know and love is back into the swing of things just in time for the new year, and we're back with another super-sized entry to give the guys some time to catch up. All the requisite contact info will be in Part II (coming soon to an iPod near you) but in the meantime, we're all on Twitter and stuff. You know how it works.

See you on the other side!

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Episode 27 - The Life & Times of Vernon Reid vol. 1

We've had a little bit of an unplanned break but are back on this Black Friday with a super-sized episode to listen to while you're standing in line at the mall all weekend. The illustrious Mr. Bell is still a little tied up with a number of projects, so 'Field Negro Prime' Alex Thornton is keeping his seat warm while we catch up on Vernon's recent health issues.

This episode started as an attempt to interview Vernon about his past and learn a little about how he became the International Man of Mystery we know and love today. As you might expect, we didn't manage to get too far into the story before getting sidetracked on a number of other topics, but we've at least started to scratch the surface and plan on revisiting the topic again at a later date. In the meantime, drop by and let us know what you'd like to know about Vernon (or Kamau for that matter) for the next time around. We can't promise you'll get all the dirt, but you'll definitely get something.

Or, you can just talk to us directly in the usual spots:

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Episode 26 - Occupy Broadway!!!
Welcome to Episode 26 (or whatever) of The FNGTAC podcast, this week's episode features W. Kamau Bell and Vernon Reid discussing the popularity of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its spread to major cities throughout the US. We don't dive into every aspect of the protests quite yet, but this thing doesn't appear to be going away anytime too soon so there'll be plenty of time to continue to elaborate as it develops. Instead, we also touch on the unprecedented number of new shows opening on Broadway with black writers, directors, producers and casts before going on to discuss the life and death of Steve Jobs, a man whom this podcast probably wouldn't exist without—Vernon, Kamau and Alex are all Mac guys so virtually every aspect of the FNGTAG is done through Apple products.
Find us online at or the usual spots:
and Alex just on Twitter due to his public feud with Mark Zuckernerd. He knows what he did.
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Last but certainly not least on our Episode 25 Spectacular is Kamau's interview with England's Ava Vidal, another participant in this year's Edinburgh Fringe Fest. Ava naturally shares her insight and experience from working as a comic in the U.K., plus discusses the reaction to the London riots. You'll hear a few clips from Ava's comedy mixed in, but make sure to go to to learn more. If nothing else, sites that end in "" just sound cooler.

As usual, connect with Vernon on Facebook, Twitter @vurnt22 and

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The parade continues on the Episode 25 Spectacular with another interview, this time with Australian(ish) comic Aamer Rahman. Kamau sat down with Aamer to reflect on their time in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, then go on to discuss how race and politics shape Aamer's work in front of Australian crowds. As you might suspect, the two uncover a few key similarities in their experiences.

There's even more coming after this so we'll let you get right to it. In the meantime:

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The FNGTAC 25th Episode Spectacular rolls on with a very special guest: the lovely and talented Ms. Alfre Woodard. As of this episode, we're officially joined by Field Negro Operative Number 1, Baron Vaughn, and he comes out swinging while conducting a casual-but-in-depth interview with a genuine star of stage and screen. He, Alex and Alfre start out talking about her recent trip to Africa as part of her humanitarian efforts, but then move on to all sorts of topics including family, her career, and the politics and showbusiness. 

Note: the audio is a little iffy for the first few minutes but gets sorted out shortly. Also, they don't eat the whole time so don't worry about that either.

On Twitter:





...and on Facebook excactly where you'd expect.

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Welcome to the first part of the FNGTAC 25th Episode Spectacular! We kinda count these episodes in our own way so this is probably actually like 27 or 28, so to make things even more confusing, we'll be releasing several episodes this week that, in total, will make up what we're calling 25. Makes sense? Didn't think so...

We kick things off with Vernon and Kamau doing what they do best: having a conversation about one thing that ends up being a conversation about everything. You'll also get a little info on the next part of The Spectacular and hear plenty of great music—sit back and enjoy!

As usual, you can find us all at, plus check in with us individually:

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Not satisfied with the last episode, Vernon and Kamau went back in on the topic of Katt Williams and the larger topic of how people have reacted to him and similar "contorversial" statements from comics. It's full-length, but it's somewhat a continuation of the last episode so we'll call it "24.5." We have some exciting stuff coming for the REAL episode 25 so stay tuned!

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In case you missed it, Katt Williams got on stage recently and had some things to say about Mexican-Americans that were... unpopular. It would be hard for anyone to sort out just what makes Katt Williams do or say anything he does or says, but Vernon and Kamau are going to give it a shot. In this episode, The Field Negros also talk Hurricane Irene, revist Cornel West and Tavis Smiley, and brace themselves for election season. We'll be back with another episode VERY soon so don't delay!

Come by and see us at for various show-related information. Also, catch up with Vernon on Twitter @vurnt22 and at, follow Kamau on Twitter @wkamaubell and visit for show updates and follow Alex on Twitter @AGThornton because it makes him feel important.

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