The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell
Episode 26 - Occupy Broadway!!!
Welcome to Episode 26 (or whatever) of The FNGTAC podcast, this week's episode features W. Kamau Bell and Vernon Reid discussing the popularity of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its spread to major cities throughout the US. We don't dive into every aspect of the protests quite yet, but this thing doesn't appear to be going away anytime too soon so there'll be plenty of time to continue to elaborate as it develops. Instead, we also touch on the unprecedented number of new shows opening on Broadway with black writers, directors, producers and casts before going on to discuss the life and death of Steve Jobs, a man whom this podcast probably wouldn't exist without—Vernon, Kamau and Alex are all Mac guys so virtually every aspect of the FNGTAG is done through Apple products.
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and Alex just on Twitter due to his public feud with Mark Zuckernerd. He knows what he did.
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