The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture w/ Vernon Reid and W. Kamau Bell

Welcome to the first part of the FNGTAC 25th Episode Spectacular! We kinda count these episodes in our own way so this is probably actually like 27 or 28, so to make things even more confusing, we'll be releasing several episodes this week that, in total, will make up what we're calling 25. Makes sense? Didn't think so...

We kick things off with Vernon and Kamau doing what they do best: having a conversation about one thing that ends up being a conversation about everything. You'll also get a little info on the next part of The Spectacular and hear plenty of great music—sit back and enjoy!

As usual, you can find us all at, plus check in with us individually:

Kamau on Twitter @WKamauBell and on Facebook at

Vernon on Twitter @Vurnt22 and on Facebook at

Alex on Twitter @AGThornton and on Facebook 6 months ago before he got sick of that bullshit and shut his page down

and (spolier alert) Baron on Twitter @BarVonBlaq and at

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